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Congratulations to Our Solstice Party Guests
Who joined us to celebrate our clean energy progress!

Our biggest fundraising event of the year is a celebration of the longest day of sunshine- the summer solstice. We gather Climate CitiSuns at this beautiful scenic location for an evening of food, drink, live music and networking. We invite some of the state’s leading climate champions to update us on their work so that we are better able to take action. We will report more of the inspirational news from our speakers soon.

If you didn't attend this year put the Summer Solstice on your calendar for 2025.
This is a perfect opportunity to plug into exciting clean energy w

Thanks to Our Climate Action Speakers This Year::

Meteorologist Mike Nelson

Will Toor, Director Colorado Energy Office

Brittany Pettersen, U.S. House Representative.  

Lisa Cutter, Colorado State Senator

Brianna Titone Colorado State Representative

Andy Kerr, Jeffco Commissioner

Browse the photos of our 2024 Summer Solstice Event
Thanks to Dave Bowden Photography, visit Dave's website

More Photos of the 2024 Solstice Event

Thanks to John Avenson

and Rebecca Cantwell!

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