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A key benefit of being a Climate CitiSun is getting our free News Letters.  Actions by policy makers are determining the speed and direction of the clean energy transition. Learn how to influence these decisions by signing up for our newsletter and checking here for updates and information.


Read our Recent Newsletters:

May 2024

Funding Transit Through Oil and Gas Fees

New Renewable Energy Legislation

May Green Home Tour

Solstice Party Invitation 

January 2024

Clean Heat or Dirty Gas?

Regulators Trim Xcel's Electric Resource Plan

Electric Vehicle  Incentives Keep Growing

September 2023


Controversy Warms Up
Over Xcel Energy's Clean Heat Plan

A Year After the IRA: Where Are the Rebates?

April 2024

Waterwise Gardening

Improving Grid Connections 

Avenson Home Party to Fund PBS Production 

April Green Home Tour

December 2023

Happy Holidays!

Gifts to Help the Planet

Gifts to Save Energy

August 2023


5 Reasons for Optimism About Our Energy Future

Three Stories We Think You'll Want to Read

March 2024

Colorado Plan to Cut Emissions 50%  by 2030

Current Colorado Energy and Environment Bills 

March Green Home Tour

November 2023

Colorado Seeks to Lower Greenhouse Gas 


Xcel Proposals: Solar, Wind and Storage

Cutting Energy Costs This Winter

June-July 2023


Climate Savior or Boondoggle? Efforts to Suck Out Atmospheric Carbon Raise Alarms?

State Leads Discussions Examining Future of Net Metering

February 2024

Heat Pumps Perform Well in Colorado Deep Freeze

Successful EV Road Trips No need for range anxiety

February Green Home Tour

October 2023


A glimpse at some Green Home Tour sites

Where is the Help for Your Home Improvements?

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