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NECO Board Member at Alpen Window Event

A few weeks ago Alpen High Performance Products, a manufacturer of the most energy efficient windows made in the USA, hosted a press conference and visit with the US Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm. She has guided the current Department of Energy (DOE) to become the leader in government entities financing private American businesses, using the ‘rebuilding of America.’ to produce energy efficient innovations.

John Avenson, a board member for New Energy Colorado and an enthusiastic supporter of Alpen windows, was invited to the press conference. He took several photos of the event and shared with us the excitement of the national recognition our Colorado window innovator has received.

Craig Maierhofer a contributor to Medium, an online article publication, says about his employer Alpen Windows, “Fortunately, NREL and people like our chairman at Alpen, Brad Begin, could see the future of climate change for what it is, and rather than lay down they continued to pursue alternative means of energy, and invent building solutions designed to improve comfort and home health, protect against wildfires, and use less energy in the process.

Several of our Green Homes Tour participants have chosen Alpen windows as an important component of their energy efficient upgrades. We are grateful that Alpen has chosen to be one of New Energy Colorado's generous supporters. Photos have been provided by Megan Atkins, Marketing Director

Alpen High Performance Products and John Avenson.


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