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2021 Featured Home

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Ron Suliteanu Home


Ron Suliteanu’s 2300 sq-ft home sits at 7800 feet. Built in 2020, Ron designed the basics of his house and then had architect Peter Ewers finish the design and build

his fossil-fuel-free dream house in the mountains near Golden.

This efficient mountain home’s foundation is insulated on the outside. Exterior walls are a 2x6 Zip System with 1.5” of foam, sprayed foam closed cell, and blown Fiberglass. The AeroBarrier system was used during construction to seal the air leaks. The roof is insulated with dense-pack EPDM foam. Windows are Alpen series 7 that balance low-E, SHGC, and R value. The concrete slab has 4-inches of foam underneath, and the basement foundation is bermed 10 feet on the uphill side.

A 10K PV ground-mount system from Buglet (30 Panasonic panels) provides 100% of the needs. Heating / cooling uses the latest high performance ground-source heat pump with zoned heating, using both an air  exchange cassette and radiant floor heat. A hybrid water heater and filters are located a short distance from their final destinations.  An ERV brings in fresh air.

The Kitchen, Office and Bedroom are bathed in natural daylight. Ron grows vegetables in a Growing-Dome green house with 600 gallons of thermal mass water storage. The yard is fully Xeriscape with a fire barrier around the entire foundation.

Ron’s home is a Smart-house with motion sensors and “Alexa” controlling all the LED lighting and a home theater. A Tesla Model S sits in the garage, charged by the sun. All the appliances and the Induction stove top are Energy Star.

If you enjoy learning about the Suliteanu Home, please go to this link and support the Metro Denver Green Homes Tour with a donation. 

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